43F carburetor tuning?

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43F carburetor tuning?

Beitrag von 84_XT600L » So 20. Okt 2019, 23:26

Hello guys,

What is the procedure to tune the YDIS carburetor on the XT600 43F? Do i have to start on the primary carburetor first then make the setting on the secondary one? Thanks

YAMAHA. The way it should be ;)

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Re: 43F carburetor tuning?

Beitrag von Steffen » Mo 21. Okt 2019, 09:00

Hi Jack from Australia.

I assume you want to have the carb working and not tuned-up in the sense of getting more HP out of it?

First things first: clean it up very carefully. Maybe you need a new gasket for the float bowl on the sec. carb and also maybe a new floating needle and valve set, maybe some rubber hoses) - should be not more than 20$. The additional hoses are not neccessarelly needed, onbly the two between the carbs and the one to the fuel tank.

You're right, the main carb ist to be tuned up first (after cleaning both carbs). The second carb comes on ca. 4500 U/min.
Do you have a repair manual? The usual tune-up steps are written down very exactly in clymers book, chapter 8.

Most of the tuning happens with the carb deinstalled like the float arm high, even the pilot air screw and the "transmission" between both carbs (sometimes also called synchronizatrion, but thats not exactly what it is...) . Only the idle can be changed when the carbs are installed.

Get me some details, what exactly your problem is so the people here or I can help more detailed.

Have a good time